Every successful project is worth communicating

Are success stories an important part of your sales and content strategy, but creating them is consuming and complicated? DigiWhat smooths the entire process, so you can create stories at scale.

With over 1.3 million pioneering start-ups solving problems and gaining experiences through tech daily, success stories provide one of the best ways to communicate individual successes and generate sales. We develop long-term partnerships with these trailblazers to support them in creating exclusive content in just five-steps.

Why DigiWhat?

Reduce time and effort spend by 80%

Shorten sales cycles

Build trust

How it works

We provide smooth information collection.
Our questionaire is automatically sent to all stakeholders with a click of a button.

Finalizing the information.
Once all info is collected, you decide whether to finalize the story yourselves
or get us to do it.

Together we discuss.
One of our experts will get in touch to validate your submission and be your sparring partner.

We publish.
Published on our hub, you receive a high-quality use case.

You share.
Share far and wide using our ready-to-use plug-ins!

Every successful project is worth communicating!

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