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Do you want to turn your logo graveyard into valuable content? We make the power of your network visible by creating success stories with your partners in a standarized and filterable format, enabling solution-seekers and solution-providers to easily connect.

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Why DigiWhat?

Turn logos and listings into content

Take matchmaking to the next level

Add value to your community and attract partners

How it works

Together we strategize.
We meet to discuss where you want to implement the solution and what filter criteria would fit to your needs.

We automate.
Once plugged into your website, new success stories will be published automatically.

We reach out.
We create a dedicated landing page for your network to contact us and take care of the success story creation process.

We publish.
The success stories are published on the hub with plug-ins, so they can be shared easily.

You share.
Your network can now filter the success stories, find connections and share them far and wide!

Make the power of your community visible and take your matchmaking to the next level

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